Introduction / New Generation

The TiP TiG Weld Process:

The TiP TiG weld process improves significantly the weld quality and sharply increases welding speeds through a new method of guiding a preheated and oscillating filler wire into the weld pool to optimize and control the heat input. The filler wire is continuously fed through a special guide attached to the torch and enables single hand operation. The preheated filler wire melts faster and substantially increases the deposition rate. The oscillations of the filler wire are transmitted to the Weld Pool and break the surface tension of the molten metal to keep the liquid flowing. This improves side fusion and further increases deposition rates. Higher deposition rates turn into faster welding speeds and less time for the heat to dissipate into the base material resulting in smaller heat affected zones.

Productivity Gains:

The TiP TiG Process allows for much higher weld speeds, unmatched by any other welding process. It gives the welder a wide safety margin to accomplish higher production rates while acquiring the highest possible weld quality.

Significant Cost Savings:

Manual Applications:

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