Welding Services

Nozzle to Header
Weld Fit up
Tube Seal welding
Boiler Pressure Part
Harp Header tube weld
Header Tube fit up

Welding Supervision and Inspection

All our welding Inspectors are experienced hand on production experts. Extensive expertise in various welding applications and inspection at shop and on job site. All members are trained in-house by qualified experts and third party educators and Instructors.

Code and Standards

We also have qualified welders (GTAW, SMAW, SAW) 6 orbital welding machines available for tube to tube sheet welding at your work shop or at site.To round up the welding service we also have access to local PWHT equipment service and Thermal engineering for your needs.

We are distributor of

TiP TiG International AG, Switzerland (Your Welding Solution)